The Importance of Social Media For Building Your Brand

Social media has grown at an exceptionally fast rate, and it hasn’t stopped yet, making it an ideal route for building your brand.

There are currently 31 million Facebook users alone in the UK, offering an excellent chance to get your brand in the face of consumers and possibly increase sales.

Figures show the number of people joining social networking website’s is still increasing, this even includes older people who were slower to join the social trend.

Social Media Brand Building Tips

  • Logo: Standing out from the crowd is important on social media and one of the best ways to do this is having a bold, bright image which is easily recognisable. On Twitter users will flick through their timeline quickly so it’s vital your logo catches their eye.
  • Brand Message: Having a consistent brand message in your posts/tweets, bio, etc will help consumers feel like they understand your company and what it offers. Users are more likely to recommend your company if they understand and trust it.
  • Advertising: Social media advertising can be expensive but it does guarantee to get your brand in the face of consumers. Adverts can be tailored to specific demographics and their likes/dislikes, making it an excellent way to actively find consumers.
  • Communication: One of the major benefits of social media is that it gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with customers. How a business communicates and deals with customers online can determine if others will choose to buy from it or not.
  • Build Relationships: Having an online relationship with influential accounts or businesses can grow likes/followers as well as trust. These relationships can work like a reference and help build a sense of trust with consumers.
  • Hashtags: A new account on social media won’t have any followers or likes but one way to still reach consumers is using hashtags, such as #marketing as an example. This means when someone searches for these hashtags your post will show up.

Help Building Your Brand

Get tips & advice on growing your brand on social media

Northstar Marketing have years of experience building brands for a range of companies, from a variety of industries.

Get Help Building Your Brand

Brand building is vital to a businesses success but in today’s age it can be cheaper and quicker to build than ever before, thanks to social media.

If you’re struggling to build your brand on social media or growing likes/followers, speak to Northstar Marketing to get professional advice and tips.

We currently work on a number of social media campaigns for businesses with the aim of building their brand, increasing website traffic and sales.

We will assess your current social media presence and build a campaign based on our findings, which will help increase activity of social media accounts and in turn, sales.

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