Too Many Digital Ads, Say UK Consumers

A new survey carried out by Adobe has found a larger number UK consumers believe there are too many digital ads on the internet, compared to other countries.

The survey found 27% of people in the UK felt digital ads had ‘got worse’ in the last 3 years, a greater number than those in France, Germany and the US.

Julia Soffa, Adobe’s product marketing manager said:

“The volume of advertising and opportunities to be targeted by a brand are higher in the UK than the US. People in the UK see more ads and there are more touchpoints so they are more likely to be critical,”

Source: ADI Digital Advertising Survey 2016

Source: ADI Digital Advertising Survey 2016

Targeting consumers may be a great way to narrow down the people who see an advert, but it can also be viewed as being more intrusive.

Consumers have become wise to many digital marketing techniques and will often ignore digital ads or install an adblocker to deal with them.

The survey found Europeans were unsure whether the ads were “effective in delivering interesting ads”

63% of UK consumers said they were unwilling to watch a pop up ad, the highest number out of any nation.

The Future for Digital Ads

The fact 51% of UK consumers gave “they are annoying” as the main reason for using ad blockers is quiet telling in some respects.

Of course companies are going to want their advert to give specific information, however it might be more important for them to be creative.

Capturing the attention of consumers and standing out from all the other adverts is key when running a digital marketing campaign.

There are some key points we can take from this latest survey:

  • Ads must be interesting
  • Be creative: Don’t simply hope by placing an advert on a website people will pay attention to it or even see it
  • Be less intrusive: When people browse online they hate to be bombard with noise and pop up videos. While it’s important to stand out, it’s more important those who see adverts actually interact and/or relate with them
  • Make adverts relevant: Don’t advertise for the sake of advertising, make the ads relevant to the website they are shown on and tailor the message to a specific audience.

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