UK SEO Tips – Seo Ranking….. Google Lies

Today’s UK SEO tip is one that many people have found out the hard way and have been left disappointed when the sudden realisation sets in that they have not managed to get their website in the top 10 for a specific keyword.

Have you ever used Google to check your websites ranking and thought “i am pretty high in the search results”, well today we explain how and why Google lies to us about our true seo ranking results.

Google decided some time ago that they would help people find the websites that are most relevant to them and one of the ways Google felt it could manage this was by offering people the sites that they had viewed, liked or had in some way connected with before when signed in. Many people are unaware that when you are signed into Google it will monitor your activity and that includes, what you search, where you are based, what sites you normally view etc, etc, etc. While Google views this activity as simply offering assistance and while it can be of great use to the average searcher, for people who use Google to find where they rank it can prove annoying.

One day while searching for where one of our client’s ranks, we noticed this problem. It was strange because we had only started to optimise their account. It was not until we were duped into thinking we had managed the impossible. It seems like a simple error however it is one that has been made by thousands of people over time and no doubt one that will be made again. Here is our tips to stop this happening;

  1. Sign out of Google if you are using it to check a websites keyword ranking
  2. Use an application to find where a site ranks for keywords
  3. Don’t like pages,websites,or have any activity while signed in (unlikely but not impossible)

If the tips above are followed them you will not fall into the same trap but unfortunately because Google does not allow us to change preferences to stop it from happening these are the only options available.


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