What Makes A Social Media Post Go Viral?

The use of social media to attract new customers is growing on a daily basis, but just what makes a post on social media grab the attention of users and help it go viral?

Companies are battling it out to be noticed by social media users and while some will spend money on advertising, others are able to simply create viral posts for free which have an even greater impact.

These factors are also something to consider for a new and quickly growing industry, social media influencers.

Tips for Making Social Media Posts Viral

These are the main factors which will determine the likelihood of any social media post going viral, leading to an increase in likes/followers, website traffic and sales.

  • Emotion – Without doubt the most important factor for making a social media post viral, is emotion. All posts which have ever gone viral will be steeped in one or more of the eight basic emotions. Posts have to make users feel, happy, sad, angry, joyful, fearful, disgust, surprise, trusting or anticipation. Touching on these emotions will be the driving force behind a persons reason for sharing a post.
  • Relevance – A post has to be relevant to the audience which it is being shared to, otherwise they won’t feel the desire to spread the post to their friends, family or followers, which is required to make it go viral. The post has to make people feel like it’s saying something which they want other people to know about. Whether this is a product, service or political message. The important question to always ask with relevance is “what is the message”.
  • Timing – Choosing the right time to post isn’t just about when social media users will be online, although this is extremely important. It’s about being fast, getting news or content to users as it happens and to do it at at time which it will have the greatest impact.
  • Unique – One of the greatest problems with social media content is the number of posts which are regenerated or re-used from other accounts. Content which is completely new and fresh will usually do far better than that which has already completed the social media circuit.
  • Media Quality – Some people believe this factor is the most important for making a post go viral, it’s actually the least. Unless you are selling art work or a graphic design service, the quality of an image or video comes last to all the other factors. Media quality is important however, because if all the factors above have been covered then it is the final icing on the viral post cake.

Get Social Media Advice

While some companies and industries will naturally be able create posts which go viral, others may find it more difficult, simply due to the nature of their business.

It must be said however, there are no businesses which are unable create viral posts, it may just take a company which has years of experience, such as Northstar Marketing, to help create a social media plan.

If you would like more information on creating viral posts on social media, contact Northstar Marketing Support on 0844 318 0381 or send us our email.

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