Who needs customers anyway?

British Gas, the UK’s largest energy supplier, is owned by Centrica who are a London Stock Exchange listed multinational utility company.

British Gas was formed in 1973 when the 12 old gas boards were divided into regions. Today, British Gas provides gas and electricity to over 20 million UK households.
How to lose your customers…
There are some sure fire ways to lose your customers and British Gas seem determined to infuriate all of their customers. Their actions over the past two weeks will inevitably see them losing their customers include;
1. Increase your prices
2. Provide poor customer service
3. Fail to manage complaints accordingly
British Gas was fined £2.5million by the regulator Ofgem for the poor handling of customer complaints. Customers who felt their complaint had not been resolved satisfactorily were not offered to re-open their complaint. The failure to implement a proper customer complaint procedure has British Gas claiming the fine is “disproportionate to the issue”.
This fine follows British Gas increasing their prices by 18% in the last week.
The customer is king
There is a quote I like “Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude”. There are plenty of energy companies available to supply you and I with gas and electricity, so these companies need to impress us to keep our business.
Other than a constant supply of gas and electricity I only care about two things;
1. Lowest prices
2. Good customer service
And in that order.
If prices are increasing and the customer service at British Gas is so negative they are receiving fines, why would I stay as a customer?
Changing energy supplier
UK charity Debt Support Trust has come out against the recent price increase to help people save money. People can switch energy supplier at Uswitch with Debt Support Trust and receive a free Enviroplug too.
To take advantage people need to use this link: http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/?ref=debtsupporttrust


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