Why Is My Website Not Ranking High on Google?

One of the most common questions we get from companies when they first contact our SEO team is “why isn’t my website ranking high on Google”?

There can be a vast number of answers to this question, which is why we always run a free SEO report to determine which areas of the website could be better optimised.

Knowing what to look for isn’t always easy, but using a professional SEO company can be the difference between ranking on page one of Google, alongside competitors, or page seven.

Reasons Why Competitors Rank Higher On Google

Even though two websites may appear to be the same, it could be just one or two elements which are giving competitors an advantage in ranking higher on Google.

The main elements which will likely be giving competitors the edge on Google are:

  • Backlinks: The more links to your website from high quality and like-minded sites, the more authority it will have with search engines. This will mean search engines will be more likely to rank it higher because it’s a more trusted source
  • Meta Data: Search engines, such as Google, will use meta titles and descriptions to better understand the content and role of each page. This will determine which keywords search engines will rank each page for
  • Content: The old SEO saying is “content is king” and it’s as true today as it has ever been. The more keyword driven content a website has, the higher the odds are it will rank for those words or phrases
  • Headings: A great way to highlight important keywords to search engine crawlers is using heading tags, such as H1, H2, etc. This can also help break content into sections, making it easier to read

Running reports on website authority, keyword ranking and backlinks are vital to assess where it is positioned before and after any optimisation takes place.

There are a number of website evaluation tools which will help you better understand both where it ranks and the problems stopping it rank higher.

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