Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket

The first problem companies face when creating a marketing strategy is working out the best route to reach customers, the second is not putting all their marketing efforts into that one route.

Often we hear from companies who have had their Google shopping account suspended or Facebook page removed, etc, and this has a disastrous affect on their business because they relied so heavily on these accounts.

The truth is no company should rely on just one route to market, even if it’s currently successful, it leaves businesses vulnerable to forces outside their control.

Diversity Is Key In Marketing

Marketing is about reaching as many people as possible, from different backgrounds, and possibly ages as well depending on the products.

Diversifying a company’s marketing strategy doesn’t just guard against uncontrollable changes, it also helps reach more consumers.

There are three major social media accounts which all companies should have a presence on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, should one of these accounts get closed down, even by accident, it’s important a company also has a presence on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Risks Of Not Diversifying Your Marketing

We currently have a client who contacted us because their Google shopping account was suspended, leading to a serious drop in income.

Our client was doing extremely well on Google shopping and didn’t think they required SEO or a social media presence for their business.

This lack of marketing diversity meant our client didn’t have a method to reach customers, either to inform them of the problem or increase sales to compensate for the issue.

Help Creating A Marketing Strategy

If you require help to create a marketing strategy for your business, speak to Northstar Marketing today. We will create a tailored marketing plan which suits your business and your brand stand out.

Contact Northstar Marketing on 0844 318 0381.


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      That’s very true. But I am going to try as much as I can. Your advice is always gold to me. I get amazing ROI. I wish I could steal your brain. lol ..

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